Brothers roast are two British ex-pat friends living in Amsterdam, after being there for a few years, they noticed a distinct lack of homemade roast dinner options. Their idea is simple; fast food/street food in an authentic British roast dinners/sandwiches style sold out of a food truck at multiple locations (eg festivals) across Amsterdam.
British ex-pats numbers are almost 90k in the Netherlands. Natives and other nationalities, on the other hand, may have little to no idea of what constitutes a ‘classic British home-cooked meal’
The idea was simple, to provide British comfort food to ex-pat customers in a welcoming environment with an authentic voice. Not just for the brits but the dutch and other ex-pats, helping them feel transported and putting smiles on faces.
Unique solution 
We ended up with a fun, friendly, and welcoming brand identity system, full of colour and energy that works across multiple consumer touchpoints. As well as bringing to life the larger than life characters behind Brothers Roast, as well as their commitment to fresh quality ingredients and craftsmanship at an affordable price.
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