Buffalo Bourbon Empire

We set out to bring the Buffalo Bourbon Empire back again to London Cocktail Week, with an educational and interactive bourbon experience. Building on the past success it must be memorable and above all else, fun!

London Cocktail Week is the largest spirits event in the UK. The biggest challenge for Buffalo Trace is how a brand with comparatively low consumer awareness can compete for attention, amongst the noise of an already cocktail-saturated week, against many of our competitors that are armed with deeper pockets and greater brand awareness.

We wanted consumers to leave the experience with memories of fantastic drinks, and great hospitality. Whether they’re new to the brand or an existing fan, tell one person about their experience at the BBE. To form an association with Buffalo Trace that centres around quality and pride.

The solution was inspired by the ‘golden days of air travel’ when flying was the experience, it was a treat, an occasion in itself, famed for the start-to-finish hospitality. 

The 'bar stool session' uses this as a foundation to the experience. Having your very own personal bartender, a master of their craft, looking after you and your friends or family, their undivided attention for sixty minutes while you chat, laugh, learn, and drink. Then after you can continue in the lounge bar, with an outstanding range of creative cocktails, produced in partnership with the fantastic bar team at the Looking Glass Cocktail Club.

As the lead designer on the project, my responsibilities started at the brainstorming sessions, through to planning. Which covered a professional drinks photography shoot, all the event creative, use of maps and retro tickets references the ‘golden days of air travel’, and worked across all digital and print touchpoints for all additional marketing collateral that accompanied the event and the build-up.

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