Hi-Spirits is one of the UK’s leading spirit distributors with a diverse portfolio of award winning brands.

As an in-house designer employed by Hi-Spirits, I was part of the creative team tasked with rebranding the company. After the sale of the business in 2015 to Sazerac, overnight Hi-Spirits went from a small family run enterprise to one to watch in the spirits industry. This was the catalyst for looking at the current brand identity, and redefining it as the spirits distributor with big ambitions. 

In creating an identity that will stand out amongst a busy competitor landscape, through each stage of the process we had to successfully manage the input of the company directors, each bringing a lot of their own spirits industry experience often with their own preconceived notions to the table. 

To create a brand identity solution that speaks to our ongoing mission, to become “a highly successful UK builder of global spirits brands and one of the most desired places to be”.

Unique solution
We created a visual system, to accurately identify and reflect the “challenger mindset” of the Hi-Spirits brand, and extended that across all touchpoints — from our communications, to environments.
The brands are at the core of our business, reflected in a fluid and interchangeable bottle montage, we understand that each brand has a different need, time and occasion.
There is great diversity in the spirits industry; and so is our approach. There is no one size fits all answer, just think of the differences between being handed a shot at 4am versus a G&T in a pub garden, it is with that in mind we created a system of vibrant gradient overlays at each touchpoint, which allows HS the versatility to operate within different occasions, whilst maintaining the recognisable brand style.
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